Monday, April 15, 2019

A Rosenbaum grows in Newark, NJ

I'm staggering. When you are a full-time researcher, you have the habit of plucking facts, tiny crumb by tiny crumb, from the loaf of the past. Today, I've had a whole bakery land on my desk.

I've been reconstructing my ancient Austrian Rosenbaum family for several years. Well, since I finally discovered, in my sixties, that I 'was' a Rosenbaum. Great grandmother was Julie of that name, from Königsberg-an-Eger. She was the daughter of one Adam Rosenbaum, who was the son of Napthali Rosenbaum .. and so forth. Well, reconstructing that tree was quite a job, for folk bred incontinently in those days and, of course, come the rise of the Nazi regime, the family was shattered to all corners of the world: China, North Africa, South America, Australasia, America, Britain ...
I made a fairly good job of it (see Geni), and a little group of we 21st century descendants of the Königsberg tribe are now delighted new friends and 'cousins'.

Adam Rosenbaum's memorial 

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had a message on Geni. From John Schwarz in Texas. And a whole churchyard of ancestors leaped from their graves ...

I had concentrated, naturally, in my arboristic work, on Adam and his descendants. But I had never got so far as looking into his two sisters, Rosalie and Johanna Rosenbaum, beyond pinning them to their place at his side. John had researched Mrs Johanna Holzner (his great-great-grandmother), without knowing about Adam ... until he bumped into my Geni tree ... and wallop! The two sides of the jigsaw joined up, we both had a hundred new blood relatives and I am diving back into history in pursuit of a hundred more!

HOLZNER, PHILIPP, 1846 in Königsberg 98, 1849: 32 Jahre, 6 Monate (V: Holzner, Jakob, Schutzjud in Königsberg 98, Hausierer; M: Mittwitz, Fani aus Bayern), seine Ehefrau (Heirat 2.9.1849 in Königsberg; Rabbiner: Dr. Sachs, Samuel, Rabbiner in Lichtenstadt: Zeuge: Baumgartl, Moses)
HOLZNER, JOHANNA geb ROSENBAUM, 1846 Wirtschafterin bei Holzner, Philipp, Königsberg 98, 1849: 26 Jahre, 6 Monate (V: Rosenbaum, Naphtali, Handelsmann, gest. 19.12.1866 in Katzengrün19, 96 Jahre+; M: Heller, Sara aus Lichtenstadt), deren Kinder

Rosenbaum, Sophie, geb. 2.7.1844 in Königsberg 189, gehört nach Katzengrün*,
Rosenbaum, Rosi, geb. 13.4.1846 in Königsberg 98*,
Rosenbaum, Jakob, geb. 7.2.1848 in Königsberg 98**,
Holzner, Herman, geb. 9.6.1850 in Königsberg,
Holzner, Adolph, geb. 27.1.1853 in Königsberg 27***
*Namensbeilegung in der Syngog zu Königsberg
**Beschneidung im Holznerischen Hause 95; Beschneider: Simon, Moises aus Schödt 38; Pate: Rosenbaum, Adam aus Katzengrün; Hebamme: Reinold, Anna aus Königsberg 308
***Pate: Holzner, Willhelm, Handelsmann aus Königsberg; Hebamme: Eberl, Margaretha aus Königsberg 27

The Holzners emigrated to America -- Newark, NJ -- and John has just sent me a wonderful photograph from 1913 ... Johanna Holzner's ninetieth birthday party! All the Johanna-family together! I have never seen a family photo so splendid ... and it's MY family!

John has identified most of the folk, and I'm going to attach his 'key' here, so that (a) I don't lose it and (b) in the hope that a name might attract a wandering webwight ..

Adolph Holzner
Carrie Holzner
Hannah Marx Holzner
Herman Holzner
Unknown woman
Sol Heller
Fannie Helle Blume ( Philip’s mother)
Unknown Man (looks like a Holzner face)
Unknown Woman
Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Jacob Friedman
Fannie Marx Friedman (Paula’s mother)
Bella Heller
Henry Heller
Bertha (known as Aunt Bertha)
Gustav Heller
Carolyn Heller
Paula Friedman later Blume
Barbara Holzner
Ruth Heller
Philip Moses Blume
Julius Heller
Jennie Heller
Max Gibian
Ann Gibian
Sadie Heller Gibian
Carrie Holzner (Barbara’s mother)
David Holzner (Barbara’s father)
Max Heller (Gustav, Ruth and Carolyn’s father)
Jennie Marx Heller (Gustav, Ruth and Carolyn’s mother)
Edna Jeanette Holzner later Heller
Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Mark Heller
Rosa Holzner Marx (Jennie and Fannie’s mother)
Franklin Marx (Jennie and Fannie’s father)

And now, to work! And .. yerm ... I suppose I had better get after the descendants of Rosalie Rosenbaum Heller next ...

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