Saturday, April 6, 2019

A competition: Shuffle, cut ... pick five cards ...

Well, there's 30 minutes between soggy races at Rangiora today, and one can't possibly listen to those chaps wittering on for 25 minutes time ten, so in between times ...  shuffle, cut, pick!  And here are the five cartes de visite that I drew ...

They're a mixture. Rich and not so rich. Upper and lower middle classes (though one is 'related to a peer', if only a Scottish one, and one got presented at court). Two were born outside Britain and, yes there is the usual drenching of servicemen involved. All lived to a good, even grand age. All bar one married, and all bar that one have descendants ... can you guess which?

Very well, here's a little competition. Match the photos to the fortune (or not) each left

(a) over 34,000
(b) 8714
(c) 1075
(d) 320
(e) 173.3.1d

Clarifications and answers in my next ...

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