Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My babies are growing up without me!

I am sitting in the Jersey sunshine, with a glass (its a vase actually, my room didn't have a big glass) of iced Guinness and a delicious picnic made up of French cheeses, Italian sausage, Spanish olives, an amazing local rabbit pâté, sourdough damsels and tiny rolls from the market bakery ..
and down in the damp, autumnal murk of Motukarara, New Zealand, Lucie and D'Arcy are growing up without me!

After my meeting with Jack in Sydney, I headed this way towards Berlin, whilst he headed back the other way to New Zealand and, of course, while he was there he made his way out to the Edmonds establishment to visit our two babes. Well, just looking at the photos he has posted on his blog (and of which I've lifted one!), we are soon going to have to stop calling them babes. Last time I saw them trotting their stuff, and it was not that many months ago, they were awkward beginners.. and now! Well, look at the pair of them trotting stylishly along behind an older horse...

Since that day, they have finished this session of their upbringing, and they are back at Gerolstein with Wendy being tended with the best of everything and anything, because next time they come back to the Edmonds barn it is going to be Getting Serious time. We may yet be the proud owners of a couple of the very first Love You progeny to race in New Zealand..!

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