Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Eating Lotuses ... or, The Kiosk and the Kid


The sun came out, 20 degrees of delightful warmth ... today was not going to be a desk day. I took my hat (obligatory with my melanomic scalp), my purse, and a book and headed for the Kiosk on Main Beach ..

That's my spot, last blue-and-white brolly in the front stalls ...

The beach was only lightly populated. Only one swimmer braving the waves. And they looked soooo inviting ..

One apple and spinach juice, please, and one ham and cheese toastie ...

Take in the view ... the sparkling waves, the quiet, happy, relaxing people. 

Into my little brunch, and my book ...

It is a Yamba book, and I've been waiting for it for a year. The author is a young local man named Solee, nom de plume, Stagbeetle. I read his first book two years ago and I was delighted with its original mixture of fantasy, fact and physics. I promptly ordered the sequel. But covid made me wait. This week, Solee, his wife Esther and their kid, Jasper came into town and brought me my book ..

Jasper stopped the traffic! He must be the most photographed baby in town!

Solee can write. Truly, too many people who do, can't. He can. And his books need to be diligently read. Slowly. Not in my usual fiction style, skipping over the descriptive bits and the longueurs. So I am doing a few chapters at a sitting. A few chapters with each Kiosk toastie, I suspect!

The sea was so inviting, I finally ventured to put a toe in. Not much more, for there is quite an undertow which can destabilise a wobbly-man such as I ... and if I go down, I can't get up! But a wee paddle is so much nicer without my walking stick. 

After two weeks here, I think I finally feel at home ... I think today was my favourite day so far ...

But I suspect there will be lots of favourite days so far!

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