Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In which continent are you...?

I knew that Jack couldn't be in England. Or in France. Because he is always first off the cab-rank ... seconds after a race has been run ... with all the news, stories and results of my French horses.
'In which continent are you?' I emailed...
'I'm just down the road..' he replied.
After two years of continually missing each other, on both sides of the world, we had both ended up in Sydney at one and the same time..
So a rendez-vous was imperative..
We met up at a coffee shop in the Queen Victoria Buildings (where my iced tea was brought in a Lipton's bottle, without ice, and my 'no lettuce, no tomato' sandwich came consisting of little else..) and how good it was to see and hug an absolutely glowing Jack..
We've both had some hard times these last years, but we seem both to have come out at the other end of the darkness in pretty good shape..
Witness the photo snapped by Jack's colleague, Mette, to record the occasion ..

Last year it was Jack who was winning races, this year I seem to have come back to life ... Wait till the two horses which we own in partnership (Lucie and D'Arcy) get into action..

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