Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gerolsteiner Horse News from around the world..

My equine babes, without being in any way disgraced, didn't carry off too much candy, on either side of the world, last week.. Fritzl finished 5th at Addington, Ténor sixth at Reims but in a higher class race than previously, and knocking 2 seconds off his time record in the process.
So Ténor is out again (if he gets a start) on Monday, at Caen, but the big news is .. this weekend Livia makes her debut!
Livia is the little filly whom I bought -- sight unseen after a coup de vin rouge -- 14 months ago, on the day I set out for Europe, out of the Sales in Melbourne, Australia. She has had the odd hiccup on her way to the racetrack (notably a painful encounter with a wire fence), but now she is there, and -- following a fair trial at Cranbourne (3rd of 5, beaten 5 and 2 in 2.04MR) -- she will make her racecourse debut for Wendy and I, at Ballarat, Victoria,on Saturday night at 10pm...

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