Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glückliche Speise..

Life in Berlin isn't all operatic sagas .. not by far .. I am being more deliciously social than I have been for twenty years ...

Home-made pizza supper with Sandra and Cédric Leclair (and Maxime and Leo), Sunday lunch with real roast turkey and all the trimmings chez Mike and Antje Clarke..

Smoked salmon, bubbly and Châteauneuf du Pape picnic at my place with Paul Graham Brown, an extremely talented young Lincolnshire-Berlin writer and composer and a very kindred soul who, within our first fifteen minutes together, qualified for membership of the tiny band of Kurt's Enduring Friends.. Somehow, you just know when it happens... We didn't draw breath long enough for a photo, during our hours of gossiping and picknicking, so I shall have to get him to send one. Ah, its arrived

And then, last night, dinner at the Negrun's Köche in Schönhauser Allee with three of Berlin's loveliest men.. friends from my last visit.
That's Hannes next to me, Thomas on the other side of the champagne (wherever Thomas is, you will find champagne!), and in the foreground my dear Ollie. If we all look a bit bemused in picture one, and amused in picture two, it was because our picturesque waiter (sorry, no photo) was having a few troubles with my camera..

And now, it's off to Dresden ... Life in Berlin is never, ever dull!

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