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CASSWELL: finding Fanny..


This morning, a vast family collection of Lincolnshire photo-portraits appeared on ebay. Most are annotated, but they still took a deal of working out, even though they all belong to the extended Casswell family from the village of Benington, near Boston, Lincs.

(1) Grandma's elder sister née Ellen Casswell  Mrs William Thomas Oldman

(2) Grandma's eldest daughter by her first husband. With her last daughter by her second husband. Oh...  

(3) Harriet Casswell

(4) Great grandma. Mary Casswell

(5) Susie Casswell

(6) Ellen

(7a) Richard

(7b) Richard
(8) Mary

(9) John Machin

(10) George

(11) Fanny Casswell

(12) Elizabeth

(13) Elizabeth Parthenia

(14) George and Mary

(15) George

That's enough. Though I suspect there are more. Anyway, here is the family -- George the elder (1821-1900), his wife Mary (1822-1899) (photos 15, 14 and 4) and their children in 1871

Ellen (photo 6), Richard (7), John, Mary (10), Susan (5), Elizabeth Queenborough (12), Harriet (3), George (8).  No Fanny (11).  And John's photo is missing.  And he's 'father of Grandma Machin'.  Frances. Oh? Fanny? Eh?

Ellen (1849)
Richard (1851-1840) m Martha Louise Neal 
John (1854-
Mary  (1859-
Susan (1860-1891) unmarried
Elizabeth Queenborough (1862-?)  m 1886 William Francis Wright
Harriett Ann (1864-1937) unmarried nurse in C81
George (1864-1925) m Carry Taylor Jacklin

Wait a minute. Something's wrong. The Fanny Casswell who married John Thurlby or Thorlby did so in 1853. And after Mr Thurlby she married Henry Machin.
So George 1821, is the brother of Ellen (Mrs Richard Oldham), and Frances ... yes, Grandma Machins' elder sister..  and ...
Mrs Oldham has a daughter Ellen who marries William Towell
Mrs Thorlby-Machin married Henry Machin (1863) She has a daughter Elizabeth Parthenia Thorlby (d 28 March 1917) who marries William Thomas Northorp or Northorpe ahha!

Haha, is this the line I should be following?

Mr Northorp[e]. See (photo no 2)  Yes! Scarborough. That's where he came from. Schoolteacher.  Headmaster. Married 1886. Children, the Rev Frederick (1887-1969) and  Winifred (1895-1931). A third son was killed in the Great War. So Elizabeth (no 13) above is his wife. 

Another angle. The verso mentioned Bernard (b 29 May 1894), Dorrie (b 1905, Mrs William S Travis) and their mother Ellen Gregg (1867-1933 née Machin) who was born in Nottinghamshire. Wife of Oliver Gregg leather merchant. Daughter of Mrs Machin's second marriage. 

Yes ...  And here she is! 1881. At Easthorpe, Nottinghamshire. Henry Machin, retired currier 64, Frances 'Grandmother Machin' 52, daughters Ann 17 and Ellen 14, and Elizabeth Parthenia Thorlby 27 (b Fletton, Northants)! Ann (unmarried) and Frances can be seen in the 1911 census, with Oliver and Barnard Gregg, in Southwell... 'Grandma Machin' died in Southwell 4 June 1914. 

And here she is!

Right. It seems there are two lots of children to whom Frances could be 'Grandma Machin'. Elizabeth's Northorps and Ellen's Greggs. Unless Frances had further Thorlby children between 1853 and his death in .. oh, 1855. So ...  

There I shall leave it.  There is a huge family here, but I'll just stick to these photos ..

6.03??????  Gosh. Winetime!

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