Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Back to the Breakwater: A perfect afternoon ...

Today was Tuesday, and, after 48 hours of stiffish sea-breezes, Yamba got back to its normal, still, 20-degree daytimes ..

So we ventured out of the doors of The Cove, and headed down to Turner's Beach, for our old-time-treat: fish and chips at the old table near the breakwater. Yamba is down to one Main-Street fish and chip shop now, but it is serving excellent fresh, crisp-battered fish, with chips that take a good half-hour to go soggy so the treat was on!
When we got to the Market car park, we were taken aback to see that a schoolchild had nobbled our traditional table for his study, so we went round the corner and ... found a better one! A-grade f'n'c with a view like this, surrounded by warmth ... not bad!

Turner's Beach, with two lads trying joyously but rather ineptly to catch the day's not-very-large waves .. and 'the seagulls cry-----ing'. And, in the distance, that Breakwater.

And thence we hied, for our after-lunch promenade, and crittur-spotting expedition.

Not too many critturs out today. Only one dolphin, one pelican .. but a delightful sclection of shags of all shades

and the hero of the day, a delicious dragon ...

But, most of all, a super stroll of 2.5km in the sunshine ...   that's about my limit these days!

And then home ... a wee snooze ... a bloody Ethel ... and Paulie is doing something magical with the last of last week's market vegetables ... because tomorrow is Wednesday. Market day, again, already!


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