Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Peacock plus plate glass ... a smashing Christmas ...

It was to be a quiet Christmas period. On The day, Wendy visited her spread-out family, and Minnie and I sat quietly at home with my wonderful Christmas gift from Wendy (we don't 'do' Christmas, but she often cheats a delicious little!). Minnie had her newspapers to battle, and I lolled around the C19th with my new modem (the one from Noel Leeming had blown up on 23rd)..

What else could happen?

A delightful Boxing Day (no, Sean not THAT sort of boxing!), with a Wendy-made turkey lunch (all luscious local food) and the Westport races, which restore my love of harness racing after the garish froufrou of cupday and its like.

Then its 27th.

OK. That means I've got four days of blissful nothing before PGB arrives on his annual world tour (I don't know when he works!). I shall take the little green watering can and daintily water the pansies and snapdragons ...

Did I leave a door open? Most of our doors have bird nets on them. But I was THERE on the verandah. How did he get in.

So in I bowled to refill my watering can and AHHHH! There's a very large bird on the kitchen island. OK. Quietly, quietly ..  no use. With a squawk the monstrous creature took off. He should have gone to Specsavers (except they are loathed in this house). Not out the open door but straight into the picture window ...

Wendy rushed .. how's the peacock ...? I rushed .. wtf my window! ...

The peacock, slightly stunned, waddled off and out. Leaving only a little blood and a lot of shit on my 1980s London designer couch.  I called AMI. Five gold stars for AMI. They had a glass/window man here in a couple of hours. Wendy was feeding out, so I spent my time holding the ladder with my face far too close to a cute Sikh (I can't spell the name) backside.

The widow's in, but he needs to come back because the surrounds don't fit ... will he need a ladder-holder again?

Oyyyyyyyy. But big thumbs up to AMI Insurance and to Cranfield Glass for their prompt attention.

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