Sunday, August 12, 2018

Suicide of a seaside artist?

We had heard some disturbing news. A corpse had been found in Crablo Kickasso's seaside studio.

We looked at each other in horror. Had my scathing review of the artist's recent exhibition led to ... oh no!

We hurried down the hill to the Main Beach studio... and breathed a sigh of relief. The shy artist had been at work. But what a difference! The excesses of the Jackson Polcrab movement had been abandoned, and replaced by a delightful minimalist style. To whit the 'from-life' 'Whale spouting off Main Beach' ..

The imaginative 'Autumn Leaves'

A delightfully minimalist expression -- Jackson Polcrab's mephistophelic influence has entirely vanished! 

We expressed our delight loudly, and the shy artist put up a claw to say 'thanks guys'

See it? And then he disappeared back into his ultra-private quarters ..

But what is this! He is introducing bichromism into his work ... ?

No, no, Crablo! I don't care for 'Rainclouds over Indonesia' ... stick with the minimalist approach.

But, anyway, glad to see that you didn't commit seaside because of a bad review. And we'll be back soon for your next exhibition!

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