Thursday, January 7, 2010

FIS Weltmeisterschaft 1933


I've been digging in photo boxes again. Not mine, this time, but my father's. And amongst the 1930s and 1940s photographs of mountains. both European and New Zealandish, I found his amateur snaps of the 1933 world skiing championships. All carefully labelled, so I can tell you that these are photographs of the ladies' slalom race (yes, thats how far apart the piquets .. and the skis used to be!) of 10 February 1933, that the lady above is Paola Wiesinger of Italy, and below is Nini Zogg of Switzerland. Neither lady placed in the event, but both were in the top five in the downhill, and Mme Zogg took silver in the main event: the combined.

He also photographed Hans Hauser (see above, in the men's slalom on a murky 9 Feb) , David Zogg, Toni Seelos, Emmy Ripper and Kathi Lettner in action (as well as Leni Riefenstahl and Guzzi Lantschner apres-ski) and caught Otto Furrer in a manouvering slalom moment (below)

That windmillish turn must have been OK, because Furrer placed fourth in the slalom and third in the combined.

Skiing has somewhat changed since 1933, yes?

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