Monday, October 11, 2021

The Montevideo Countrywomen's Institute Crochet Circle ...


These photos (all from the same ebay bunch) are from an era, a century ago, when the Scottish and English were a force in Uruguay. Enough of them are wholly or partly identified sufficiently to tell us that they are ladies of a certain standing ...

Mary [Maria Carmen] MacEachen Stirling (b 1856) wife of Eduardo Guimerá. Mother of five. Sister to Eduardo MacEachen y Alarcón presidential candidate in 1903 

Agustina Segundo di Antuña

Maria ?Maratoris de ****

Justina Cortez sister of Don Jose Cortez

Mrs [?Thomas] Jefferies

Fancy dress, or for real?


Isabel Figares



Well, they may be nothing but the Montevideo Countrywomen's Institute Crochet Circle ... but someone kept these photos together for a century and more ...

Be nice to know why. Uruguyans ...?

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