Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Pretty Things (3): Lunch at the Algonquin 1975

Item: One slightly used tablenapkin.

Provenance: The Algonquin Hotel, New York

Date: June 1975

I was't there. I hadn't quite yet risen to being Ian's official consort on business trips abroad ...

So I am not quite sure what was the occasion for this wee gathering. Something to do with our mangled production of the Frank Loesser et al Hans Anderson?

Hans Anderson: Yes, that is I, centre front, singing the notes lovely Milo O'Shea couldn't find

Anyway, the napkin. And the luncheon party ... Ian, of course, on the right. Ben and Mary Bodne, mine memorable hosts of the hotel in its heyday. Ben on the left (well, Mary is one of the Marys) ...  at the bottom the splendid Louis Nizer, New York advocat (which supports my suppositions re: the occasion, given the legal hoo-ha which surrounded the stage Hans Anderson), who made the sketches. And his wife, Mildred is at the top. Someone will know who Dana is, and which is his particular Mary.

Lou gave me a signed copy of his autobiography. It was so well written and enjoyable. But it has disappeared from my library ...

So, what do I do with this lovely piece of ephemera? I'm not putting it back on the shelf. If I can't find it a home, I guess I shall simply ... wash it. And pop it into the table linen drawer ...

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