Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Woman of Canterbury: the end of the story

Some months ago, I discovered an old photograph of a Miss Lucy Saxton on the web. Who was she?, I wondered. So I put on my historian's hat and I found out ...

And, as you will see, I found that her grave is only 20 minutes from my home, and I had an irresistable urge ...  I visited it ... and, well, they look after the graves splendidly at that beautiful church. But 80 years on, the marble was stained and the lead lettering had popped ... Lucy was a maiden lady, and although she had nieces and nephews, there was no one to care for her little memorial. So I got on the email ...

And a few weeks (and a fortnight's pension money) later, Lucy has had a splendid wash and brush up, and a new granite plaque added to her tomb.

Lovely job, Decra-Art

Here's to you Miss Lucy!

PS: Yesterday I visited the grave, in person. It is a nice memorial, and now it has its little plaque to palliate the ravages of time ...

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