Monday, February 19, 2018

Yoshi's pumpkins


We did our weekly veggie shop yesterday. One quarter of a pumpkin $4.50.

Hang on. We should have our own pumpkins by now!

Several years ago, our dear friend Yoshi looked after Gerolstein and its horses while Wendy and I had a wee holiday. And during that time, she threw out the ‘pig bucket’ rubbish not in the usual place, but on the horse manure pile. And we got nice pumpkins! So this year we repeated the trick.

Last month the pumpkin vines were flourishing. But we’ve been too busy to check for fruit ….  But $4.50 a quarter? So this evening, around 8pm, when the heat of the day had somewhat subsided, we got into the little red car and buzzed down to the back paddock and its manure heap.

Nice pumpkins …

Oh, more nice pumpkins

The boot is so full, that the little car is sagging. We’ll have to leave the rest till tomorrow …

Good heavens! From little acorns mighty oaks ….

And this winter we’ll save $4.50 x 4 x 25 ….

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