Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Well, BLOGGER me! The story of a blowj*b


I am very fond of my blog. It has served me over many years as a travel diary, a reviewer's page, a place for tales of our cats and horses, and a home for the many many pages of musical and theatrical research and history I have turned out down the years.

Yesterday it went crazy. I received a notice from the Blogger police (who knew they existed?)

Your post titled "A 64th Birthday Blowjob" was flagged to us for review. This post was put behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content; the post is visible at http://kurtofgerolstein.blogspot.com/2010/02/blog-post.html. Your blog readers must acknowledge the warning before being able to read the post/blog.
We apply warning messages to posts that contain sensitive content. If you are interested in having the status reviewed, please update the content to adhere to Blogger's Community Guidelines. Once the content is updated, you may republish it at https://www.blogger.com/go/appeal-post?blogId=8935297705846111801&postId=8603715533049457142. This will trigger a review of the post.

Me? Sensitive content?

So I looked. The post in question is thirteen years old. And during those thirteen years ... goodness, me ... one thousand three hundred and fifty people have viewed it!  How?  Why? It's just a photo of me blowing out the candles on my birthday cake!  What's sensitive about that. Judge for yourself.


A 64th Birthday Blowjob


I haven't taken much notice of birthdays for quite a few years (except when at sea) but for my entry into my last year as a middle-aged man it seemed a nice idea to get over that particular hurdle in company. So Wendy and I were joined by sister Jan, by Natalie and Russell Latimer, and by Erin Fox, for a merry evening with TWO cakes.. and one candle. Representing the one year left before the British Government will owe me a pension...

Now, what's sensitive about that? And why on earth is someone exhuming a thirteen year-old post?

Pretty obvious. Search engine. Somebody has hopefully tapped in "blowjob" and got, not the bit of come-on material they were hoping for, but me and my birthday cake.  Coitus interruptus 1349 times. And the latest visitor has got so frustrated at not finding his bit of w*nkbait that he has 'reported' me to the headmaster. 

The headmaster (who is probably a machine), without looking at the post, has slammed a caveat on it. Which will probably make it all the more attractive to seekers of onanistic encouragement. You know, pornhub is a much better bet than Kurt of Gerolstein for that stuff! 

Heigh ho!  What a mad, sad world we live in. Murder, rape and all sorts of cruelty, perversion and Jacinta Arden flow merrily over the Internet, but a birthday cake ...

So sorry for the little boy who ran to teacher with his aborted orgasm ...

What a hoot of a start to the day!

Cheers Blogger!  I hit the review button, and within minutes they came back saying the restriction has been removed.  Maybe it IS a man and not a machine!

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Chris Murray said...

Great Story. Ridiculous prudish bots