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The Scrattons of Prittlewell, Essex .. and Hackney and Maidstone


This family archive turned up on e-bay so I thought I would 'preserve' it, here, as well as I could. 

Prittlewell Priory and its occupation by the Scratton family in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have been widely documented

But the Scratton family was a tentacled one, and various branches spread round Essex and even up to Hackney. And every generation of every branch seemed to sport a Daniel and a John ... 

The line we seem to want to follow is that of John Stratton of Hackney whose will tells us he was the husband of Abigail Cotton, the brother of Daniel and John Scratton, and the father of a Daniel, a John and a Thomas. Thomas Scott Stratton is useful, for he became a vicar and officiated at his niece's marriage. Although he was the eldest son, Daniel seemingly chose not to inhabit Prittlewell Priory, which was occupied by Brother John until his death age 53 on 26 April 1861. Our Daniel (b 1787) can be seen as a landed proprietor and JP in Maidstone at that time. And here he is photographed in 1864

And here in 1858

And here, his wife, Susan née Ansell 1793-1874.

And here a summary of their offspring, and their offspring's offsprings, duly illustrated


Emigrated to Australia in the 1850s. Practiced as a lawyer in Melbourne, seemingly with limited success. Latterly suffered from dementia and died at Camberwell 9 July 1884, apparently unmarried. The grey sheep of the family?



Clergyman. Curate at Wolverhampton and Pembury and twenty years vicar of Stickford, Lincolnshire. Married Lydia Blackburn, 2 sons Edward Joshua Blackburn Stratton (1854-1916), eventual Lord of the Manor of Prittlewell and William Howell Stratton (9 July 1859-1910). Died at Stickford 7 May 1896. Prittlewell Priory was still the Scratton fief but soon to go under the hammer.

Rev George aged 62

George before grey set in (1863)


Solicitor. Married Ellen Scratton. Six children of whom the surviving four are pictured here. John (16 December 1856-24 February 1928),  Ellen (b 3 July 1859; d 1953), Arthur (b 1858; d 13 March 1934) 'gentleman' and wealthy, m May Cameron, Alfred (16 April 1863-5 February 1912) civil engineer, Buenos Aires railways.

John stitched the two branches of the family back together. He married his cousin Ellen Scratton (b 1818; d 5 April 1906) daughter of John Scratton of Prittlewell.

John in 1864

Handsome couple, ain't they. And the children ...


Alfred aged 17


John, Arthur, Ellen and Alfred

John, Ellen, Arthur (1863)

Ellen 1866 with whom?


Married Dr Duncan Menzies. Son John Duncan Menzies (pictured here) (1861-1895). Surviving daughter Emily Menzies (d 1930 unmarried). 

Susan Menzies (1864)

Duncan Menzies

J D Menzies

J D Menzies

Emily Menzies



Married John William Mostyn MD, army surgeon. He died three years later on service in Madras.



Emma in Monte Carlo



'Gentleman'. Married Louisa Maria Ambrose who died of it, then Matilda Barrett. And finally, it seems, an Anne Christine. Removed to France and died in Puteaux 23 July 1895.



Vicar of Badby-cum-Newnham, Northants. Married vicar's daughter Margaret Gregory. Son Daniel (30 September 1875-1936) became a Commander in the Royal Navy and moved to Australia. He, 'of Harkstead, Gilgarre' died in South Yarra 29 January 1936. His sister, Mary (b 29 July 1879) died unmarried in 1954. Harkstead UK was where the family came from.

Rev William 1861

Rev William in 1879

Margaret in 1874

Daniel and Mary

Daniel (7) 'at the garden door' with the cook , nurse and housemaid

Daniel (a favourite!) aged 3 rising 4

Daniel and Mary with nanny Annie Sutton

There are more. Which 'Miss Scratton' is this?  "Miss' is traditionally the eldest daughter. But whose.

And, then, whose album was this? Bingo. Same dealer, same writing .. a bunch of Gregorys. So Mrs William's family?

Alice Catherine Gregory (1848-1912)

F T Gregory

Grace Elizabeth Gregory (1846-1929)

Mary Matilda Gregory (1853-1919, Mrs Wm Cuthbert Lewis)

Wm Cuthbert Lewis

Grace Elizabeth Gregory

William Gregory

children of Francis Thomas Gregory, the vicar of of St Mary's Platt, Wrotham, and curate of Loose, and thus siblings of Margaret. Oh ... more of the Gregorys ... Alice, Grace, Mary, FJ jr and mother Sarah ...

Mrs Nicholas de Jersey Lovell (Hester Garret Gregory)

and husband 'of Easton in Gordano' and and children ...

Violet and Muriel Annie Lovell

Grace Lovell

Lord knows what else was in that album ...

But I think that is the backbone of it ...

I hope it finds a home ...

PS Mr Rivers is sending me a list of the 200 (!) pictures in the album!  There goes my weekend!

ADDENDUM: Amongst the other photos in the Gregory-Scratton volume I found three which seem to be, perhaps, friends of the family. Here is Humphrey Edward OWEN as a thirteen year-old scholar (1862) and as an Oxford (Magdalen) graduate. 

and here is his sister, Rosetta Frances OWEN

I thought I had best investigate them, in case they were family ... and found a huge story. They were two of the family of the Rev Edward Owen, who owned a slave plantation in Jamaica between 1829-34. He married South African-born Maria Elzembe Smith and fathered a number of children ... 

I had begun to research their story when I found that someone else had had a go before me. So I copy that entry (edited) adding my corrections and additions:

Edward Owen: Anglican clergyman and absentee owner in Jamaica. Edward Owen, born circa 1808, son of Edward Owen of Jamaica. His mother was probably Ann Burt Owen, possibly née Wright. Married Maria Elzenbe Smith. Awarded compensation for three estates in Jamaica as executor of Edward Owen, but was also probably a beneficiary of the will.

Nothing found on his early life but Edward was a student at Worcester College, Oxford 1825-1833: ‘Owen, Edward, 1s Edward, of ‘Mancuo’ [sic: this has not ben further traced] Jamaica, arm. (D. Med.), WORCESTER COLL., matric. 9 Nov., 1825, aged 17; B.A. 1830, M.A. 1833, curate of Gawsworth, Cheshire, died 31 July, 1848.’ He was ordained deacon 22/06/1834 at St George, Hanover Square, appointed as a curate 30/06/1834 at Lullingstone, Kent and ordained priest 26/04/1835 at Bromley, Kent.

Maria Owen, the youngest daughter of Edward Owen of Jamaica, married Edward Duke Moore.  

The Rev Edward Owen married Maria Elzenbe Smith in 1832 in the Parish of Saint Mary-le-bone: ‘Edward Owen of this Parish a Bachelor and Maria Elzenbe Smith of this Parish a Spinster a Minor were married in this Church by Licence by and with the Consent of Edward Smith Esquire the natural and lawful father of the said Minor this Twenty First Day of May in the Year One thousand and thirty-two.’ Both bride and groom signed the register clearly and the witnesses were A. Tweedie, Edw Duke Moore, E. Owen, L Hanley and A. Smith. 

In 1841 Edward and Maria are in Waterloo Crescent, Dover, Kent. Edward is 30 (rounded down), a Clerk, born out of county, Maria is 25, born out of county, and there are four children, Jacintha, 6, born in county, Anna Maria, 3, born out of county, Humphrey, 2, born in county, and George, 7 months, born out of county. There are four female servants

Edward died 31/07/1848. 

By 1851 the family is scattered. Humphrey Edwd, 11, born Kent, Dover, is in a large school in Newgate Street, London. George, 10, born Sussex, Shoreham, is a pupil at the Clergy Orphans School in the parish of St Marylebone, London. There is no sign of either Jacintha or Anna Maria in the 1851 census but there is a death registered in the June quarter of 1850 in the district of Camberwell for a Jacintha Georgina Owen. No age is given in the indexes at this point but there is a burial to match this death: Jacintha Georgina Owen, Commercial Place, 10 May 1850, aged 15 years, in Camberwell St George. The age is right and it is possible that Jacintha was also at a school. There is no obvious death for Anna Maria. The fact that George is in a Clergy Orphans’ school suggests that their mother, Maria, has also died. [EDITOR: she hadn't she is in Hove, 68, clergyman'swidow, born Cape of Good Hope, with daughter Rosetta 33 and granddaughter Woltera Strickland]. In the 1861 census, Humphrey and George, at 7 Hamilton Place, Highbury, are living together but Humphrey is described as ‘son of Head’ and since Edward is deceased it looks as if their mother is still alive, though again there is no obvious sign of her in 1861. Both Humphrey and George are Clerks in the Bank of England. Humphrey became a student at Oxford: 'Owen, Humphrey Edward, 1s Edward, of Dover, Kent, cler. MAGDALEN HALL, matric. 31 March, 1864, aged 24; B. Mus. 1866, B.A. & M.A. 1872, vicar of Leck, Lancashire, 1870-3, chaplain at Capri 1866-7, rector of South Moreton, Berks, 1877-78, chaplain at Toulon 1881-2, at Grasse 1882-3'.

Humphrey Edward Owen married Augusta Mary Ann Frances Laurence in 1862.  In 1871 Humphrey is in Leck, Lancashire, in 1891 he is in Horle, East Sussex and in 1901 in Farnborough, Hampshire. Humphrey’s death is registered in the December quarter of 1905 in Farnham, Surrey. No will/probate found. 


Maria died in Hove in early 1895 aged 82

Rosetta Frances OWEN was born 22 March 1845 and died unmarried 18 August 1926 in Bayswater

Woltera Margaret OWEN (b Dover 1842; d 1897), another daughter of Edward and Maria, married Charles STRICKLAND (b Bengal 10 May 1834)  RN surgeon,  in 1863. Annie Maria was a witness. The couple can be seen in C1881 and C1891. Their daughter Woltera Auldjo Daintry (Mrs Michael O'BRIEN) and her daughter Kathline are with them. 

I checked a few others among the folk featured as well. Just in case. Margaret seems to have collected photos of the other local clergymen.

This is the Devon man, Rev Francis Henry CURGENVEN (1837-1901), vicar of Byfield, with his wife Katharine Georgina née Stephens (1843-1939) and their five surviving children. In decreasing order: Beatrice (1873-1950), Edward (1875-1947), Gerald (1876-1959) Agnes (1877-1954) and Stephen (1880-1901). A Winifred and a Gertrude were lost early.

The children

Then there is Norfolk-born Henry Hammont LUBBOCK (5 March 1835-8 July 1892), former Cambridge rowing blue and bachelor (!) rector of Hanworth. 

This is the Rev Henry FURLEY (1842-1917) 'of Heydour' then curate at Daventry, then rector of Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent. Son of George Furley of Canterbury. Married 1873 clergyman's daughter Helen Mary Watts (d 23 December 1897) of Fulletby by whom he had six children. Remarried 12 February 1901 Lizzie Furley. A cousin?

I'm sure there are more. Yes. Charles tells me that the Rev Edward Bowyer SPARKE (1805-1879) is coming up. Rector of Feltwell, Norfolk. Goodness, one wife, the odd child, eight servants, and a house in Chester Square, Belgravia ...  See he ended up a canon at Ely Cathedral. I'll put his picture here when it comes.

Ah, here's a lady who belongs. Two photos of Mrs Mary [Ann] Beck, née Rainier formerly Adams (b 15 December 1819; d 3 February 1874), wife of Louis Alexander Beck in her second marriage. I spotted a Sarah Mayhew Rainier (1811-1866) somewhere in this morass .. of course! The Rev F T Gregory's wife! So this is her younger sister. In 1871 she is visiting Lodway House and she died at the Vicarage of St Mary Platt ...  

Mary Rainier Beck

 Time for a pause.


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