Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A random lot of musical and theatrical photos: unidentified and identified.

Some of these pictures aren't findable on the web. So I thought I would put them on my blog so that google can 'borrow' them, and posterity cherish them.

I liked this one a lot. It was posted on e-bay as, if I remember, Cacon. It is actually the celebrated French flautist Jean-Louis Tulou. I've never seen a photo of him before.

This one isn't rare, but he's delightful. The equally celebrated 'cellist, Alfredo Piatti ..

Then there is this. I wish it were a photo, but it's still a better (and more flattering) picture of 'Mademoiselle' Dolore Nau than the one I had to use in my book of Victorian Vocalists. Oh, the quotes are optional. She was actually born in America, of French Guadaloupeen parents.

Then there is Max Maretzek. The stubborn establisher of opera in America.

and Mrs John Billington, who starred in Covent Garden's most expensive flop ...

Those are the identified ones.

Then there are a couple of 'maybe's. This one comes from Melbourne, and I'm 95% sure that it is a picture of 'toyboy tenor', 'Knight Aston' (real name Tom White). I know a lot about Tom and his appalling wife (see In Search of a singer by me!), but I can't identify this role! It looks as if it should be Madame l'Archiduc but ...

Another curious one. London this time. It is not Marguerite Debreux. But it looks like her Petit Faust costume ..

Third take-over? (I know, there wasn't one).

And, finally, the ones of whom I've no idea. Are these lads professionals, amateurs? They are American. And they are splendid Harriganesque fun!

See what I mean?

And, in the meanwhile, down at the beach at Hythe, UK, America's original contribution to the world of music and theatre was - a hundred and fifty years ago? -- celebrated by these unknown guys. They have a professional air, but .... who knows?

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