Friday, October 5, 2018

A great-great-grandfather's memorial.

After all the destructive horrors that the city of Vienna has been through since 1884, when this stele was erected in Vienna's central Jewish graveyard, it still stands ...

My cousin (third cousin, once removed), Lauren Haller, visited the city this week and winkled out the resting place of Adam Rosenbaum, his wife Katharina geb Schweitzer, and their daughter Amalie geh Czuszka. And, alas, Amalie's son, Arthur Czuszka, deported in 1941, and lost ... like so many of the family.

Katharina Rosenbaum's 80th birthday

Being a little older than Lauren and her brother, Mike, I belong to one generation older than they. Adam and Katharina are the great-great-grandparents of myself and John. Their daughter, Julie, who wed Abraham (Adolf) Gánsl, is buried with her husband in the Jewish section of the same cemetery. Our great-grandparents. I wish I knew a kindly Viennese with a kodak ..

Hopefully now, the combined forces of the many-tentacled Rosenbaum (alas! none left in Vienna) will leap into action, and get the 130 year-old memorial restored ...

Addendum (August 2021). Julie and Adolf's graves were unmarked. So I thought I ought to do something about that

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