Sunday, April 15, 2018

Does anybody still eat ... breakfast?

I don’t eat breakfast, I haven’t since the years when I travelled, and stayed for periods in such superior bed-and-breakfast places as the unmatchable Hermitage Court Farm in the Isle of Wight and the Bayview Guesthouse in Jersey. My goodness, those were breakfasts! Black sausage, smoked salmon, poached eggs …

Nowadays, one meal a day is enough for me. At Gerolstein, it’s usually early evening. Or sometimes at midday. But never at 8.30am. So, what got into me today?

Up 7.30am, and down to the village for some ‘shopping’, but on the way back I walked right past my front door and on down to the beach … the Kiosk was calling me back!

And so I spent half an hour sitting by the seaside with a large coffee, a bacon and egg muffin with cheese ($4.50) and a ‘small’ pottle of crisp hot chips ($4), watching the wonderfully happy people swimming, surfing, splashing, paddling ...

The chips were an exaggeration. I was on my own today, not sharing! I gave half of them to the children at the next table. Finally, I wobbled up the hillside homewards (my home is on the top of the hill, behind the right-hand umbrella) and fell back into bed!

Well, I might not get back into the habit of matinal food, but I‘ll do it again. Without the chips, maybe! Perhaps it’s as well the Kiosk closes for the winter season this weekend…

Addendum: 24 hours later. Devouring a featherlight chicken, cheese and avocado toastie with coffee at .. the Kiosk!

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