Sunday, October 19, 2008

Me and my Mum

(But mostly me)
by Lucy de Gerolstein (aged nearly one month already)

This is me when I was really young. Just two weeks old. Before I became a magazine cover girl. Well, page three anyway.

And this is me with my mum now I am almost grown up. In two days time I will have my first monthly birthday. I didn't bother getting up for this photo because I'm an old hand at photos now, and anyway my nice silky baby hair is starting to shed and I've got a blotch on my bottom.
Grandma was in this photo too, but Kurt cut her out and I'm not surprised. She is GROSS! Not to mention grumpy. Apparently that means she's going to have a baby pretty soon too.
So I shall have an uncle or an aunt who is younger than me. Should be fun.

Until soon,
Love from Lucy

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