Thursday, October 26, 2023

Brits in Bordeaux: the Johnstons


It's a pain when you seize on an old photo to research and then find, when the job is half done, that others have been there first.

BUT ... in this case, the others, and their web sites don't have the photographs, so I'll go ahead and post them anyway.

Here is the story of the family of Irishman Nathaniel Johnston who founded a wine business in Bordeaux in 1734.

And here is the family tree of their family

And here are the photographs

So here we have Harry Scott Johnston (b Bordeaux 23 August 1834; d Bordeaux 4 March 1918)

And here, his wife Anna Daniela de Galz de Malvirade (1834-1915) daughter of a Baron etc etc. Yes. We're into aristocracy here. Harry's brother went one better and married a Princess.

This is Harry and Anna's only child, Marie Antoinette Henriette Johnston (1871-1946) dite 'Mina'. She became Mme Albert de Luze, the wife of another Bordeaux businessman and former hussars Lieutenant.

So there you are, genealogists. Pictures to go with your facts!

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