Monday, January 9, 2017

Kurt In Kardio or, But I'm only here for a blood test!


Night-time pain in the shoulder and chest. Called Carol the masseuse.

She did her thing and then suggested I have my doctor check it out...

Had to go to the doc for my pills anyhow, so up to Rangiora ... ECG and stuff, but its after 5pm so they can't do their blood tests. The Christchurch blood place can't do me because I'm too old (!) and once had a stroke. I have to go to Emergency at Christchurch Hospital.

Wendy turns off the stove and drives me to Hospital, where, instead of a swift blood-drawing, I find myself stripped, connected to machines, answering the same questions the doctor had asked me an hour earlier, and then .. waiting. Three hours of waiting, listening to the sounds of the truly afflicted and getting more and more annoyed.

Finally, the young and cheerful cardiologist came. Blood normal, doesn't seem to be a coronary thing, have I been pushing any heavy wheelbarrows recently?

So six and half hours after my visit to the doctor we are back at Gerolstein. Oh well, not much of an evening out, but at least I'm alive.

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