Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Parrot chatter ...

OK, team. This is it. Yeh, I checked it out the other day, and it's Fresh Baked Bread from Yamba Bakery. Served by hand, do you mind.

Whaddya mean, it’s not classy bread? Course it is. I sent our super-spy into the heart of action, yesterday, to test that it was still the real thing.

 Now just take it casually, don’t play your cards too quickly.

Right … about … turn, and look pretty!

 George, don’t do that! You''ll frighten the horses.

 Here he comes. See, bread! Don’t be scaredyfowl, he’s harmless. Watch me. Hel-lo Kurt!

 See, that’s how its done.

 Awwww. Chickens!  OK eat off the floor then ..

 I’ll have the whole waiting staff to myself. Best service and best restaurant in town.

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