Monday, May 9, 2016

Little things ... that give so much joy ...

There are little, seemingly insignificant things, in daily life, which can matter so much to a person who … Little, sweet things that everyone can do, that no one really even considers, except for the few who can’t 

So today was a wee bit special for me.

Everybody likes a swim in the sea. Or even a paddle. I think my last of both was in Port Vila or Santo with Ship’s Officer Catrina Morley or maybe at Zipolo Habu … what? six, seven, eight years ago. Because, since my stroke, I haven’t been able to do (a) – I know doing frog stroke with just one operative leg is not impossible, but it is for me … and as for (b) well, its hard enough walking and standing sticklessly up, steadily, on land, but as the sea rips in and out around you, pulling one way then the other …

So I’ve been making do, these recent seaside days, with a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

But, earlier this week, I got up the courage to scale the excellent path (handrails!) from The Cove down to Yamba’s Main Beach.  And, there, I watched the young folk playing beach cricket and dipping in the sea, surfing (sort of) and splashing. 

And my insides went ‘awwwww’. I thought of those special days when I used to drive our horses on the beach, and walk in the water … days all gone. Oh, dear.

I thought about it for two days. And this afternoon I trekked down again. A sunny but rather wavy day. Beautiful. Crashing surf. But Monday, so only a few bathing belles and one inept surfist. And I put a foot in the water. Then two feet. Cold. Heavenly. Whoops! Here comes a wave … and a bigger wave … I’m up to my knees … and whoops! Almost to my waist! Out goes the wave, and just as I’m steadying into the rip from one side, it changes to the other … but I’m still standing. Wouldn’t it be great to sit down … and let the water flow over my body …?

No. There’s only one bathing belle left and she’s reading a magazine. The non-surfist is preoccupied by his ineptitude. Maybe next time. When there are more 'safe-watchers' at hand.

Up the hill, glowing with pleasure and pride … ‘you never know what you can do until you try’ … my little land mark for the day. And it felt soooo good after all this time. Sigh ….

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