Thursday, April 14, 2016



That’s me. As from 14 April 2016, I belong to Yamba. For the whole autumn and winter. Yesterday, I (and my kitty) arrived in town, took possession of my new wee flat, and started to settle in. I can’t quite believe it has actually happened. That this adorable little dwelling in this delightful town is mine, all mine …

Those folk who say ‘buy a home sight unseen? Never!’ are wrong. Until yesterday, when Rod and Veronica drove me up from Grafton to the smart modern building yclept The Cove, in Queen Street, Yamba, I had never seen inside the place. Just photographs. Sunnytime ones, not dusk ones, like these. I suppose it could have all gone horribly wrong: but it didn’t. It hasn’t.

The situation is glorious. Sheltered from the strong sea breezes by palms and a few homes. And the flat itself was everywhere significantly BETTER than the photos, which had made it look rather skinny and tight. It is, of course, what most people would call ‘small’ – about 70 sq m –with a 30 sq m terrasse – but that’s precisely what I wanted. It has all nearly new mod cons, minimal upkeep (no carpets, no vaccum cleaner!), it’s a place where I can live with minimal stress and maximum comfort and have all the help I need. Twenty steps from the beach, a few hundred metres from some delicious restaurants and the shops … and quiet, sunny, breezy, peaceful …

The only thing I shall have to fix inside is the shower. No handrail and no hand-held thingy. And, of course, I have to work out how to use the TVs, the oven, the dishwasher, the microwave, the washing machine and dryer … but, no hurry. It’s 9am and I’m just relaxing with a cup of chamomile and some Marmite soldiers on the terrasse, before heading off to get revivified by Amanda the masseuse and then have lunch at the wonderful Beachwood Café … perhaps a little visit to the kitchen shop … then back home to, maybe, rearrange the furniture again, and sit in the sun and maybe, just very maybe, finish my article on Ilma di Murska … or even (so soon) a wee walk on the beach?

Sigh. It won’t be difficult getting used to this …

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