Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yamba: A walk on the breakwater …

A fine winter’s midday in Yamba. Sky blue. Sun shining. Little cool breeze to remind you that (hurrah!) this isn’t summer …  Just right for a stroll out from Turner’s Bay, along the breakwater … 1.2km from end to end, it says. Piece of gateau.

Perhaps just a light lunch first? We seem to have eaten interminably the last few days in this town of infallible (so far) food. Too nice to eat inside. Let’s do the old-fashioned thing: fish’n’chips by the seaside!  There’s a table by the breakwater where the Hankinson family have lunched for many years, so … into Wato’s very superior chippy (pick your own fresh fillet and watch it cooked), and then off to ‘our’ table … yes, I’m an Hon Member of the family now!

My calamari and fishcakes grand … Paul’s schnapper and fries ditto … and now! Exercise.

It’s a splendid piece of construction, this breakwater. I didn’t need my stick, rarely an arm, there are no underfoot traps … a fine, flat walkway, for all ages. Nice! We strolled to the end, peering into the blue yonder in the hopes of spotting a whale or some dolphins … I’ve seen hundreds of them in my at-sea days, but you always want to see more. No luck. But as we headed back, things came to life. A skydiving shag hit the sea in search of his lunch. We watched to see him surface. But he didn’t. How long can a shag apnée?
I went to look and found a wondrous cache of wildlife. First, a shag that wanted to audition for us … La Loie Fuller in action!

Then his cool, calm and grandiose grey brother. Next a shoal of fish. 

And then a dragon. Yes it was. A baby dragon …

And the seabirds flew, and the wattle smiled …

And my ruddy camera battery had run out. So all these lovely pix were taken by tah-dah!

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