Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back in the Business: My 'film debut' ...

The talent spotter … spotted!

I’m the sort of person who smiles and nods, and says ‘good morning’ to people in the street, and, over the past two years, when visiting Paul’s flat, I’ve often exchanged a word or two, of the kind, with his downstairs neighbour, Youssef. Youssef is from Morocco, so any communication can always fall back on French!

I’d heard that he and his children, Aissa and Kahina, were film-makers, but imagine my surprise, a short while ago, when Paul asked me, would I do a voice-over for them. The young people needed an English-language sound track for a promotional film, and they had spotted the elderly gentleman ‘with the wise voice’. Of course, I said ‘yes’. Even though my speech is, these days, a little hampered by the sequels of the stroke and the pieces of plastic which do me duty as teeth.

So, we gathered in Paul’s studio, I put on my David Dimbleby-Pathé News voice … and away we went!
And, here’s the result.

Last night, we re-gathered at Hochstrasse for a lovely family evening. Youssef cooked us a delicious Moroccan meal, we chatted in a mixture of tongues, and I caught up on the news. The family are heading for America in a few weeks, to show their film at Festivals and colleges on the west coast …

And a little bit of me goes along too. You never know what life will turn up next!

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