Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Animals, by request

This is a blog ‘By Special Request’

With my recent lack of right-handed volubility, my state of health and horses who win have been the only topics to have got a look in here ..

‘What about the pets’? Okay, here they are ..
The kitties first.
Minnie, looking slim, fit and lazy, curled up on the John Siddeley couch ..
Chiqui checking out the comfort of the hay barn until its time to head for Wendy’s bed

Mr Peacock perching on the water tank. Last year, while I was back in Berlin, he disappeared for the winter. We’re feeding him many delicacies this year in the hope he will stay..

The horses? Well, here are the babies. Thomas and Anna, the Berlin babes, have been weaned from their mothers and introduced to the joys of a halter and a coat. Used to hooning around a 4-acre paddock, they aren’t altogether happy about spending time in the crush learning to lead and tie up!

And the newest addition to our team of boarders, little Rocky, brother to Patti, and like Thomas, a son of P FortySeven ..

And it looks as if we may have yet another member to add to the team. This big feller has taken up residence in the creek behind my house .. I wonder if he too likes Whiskas cat biscuits

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