Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tenor hits a 'C'

Not a top C, not yet .. but decidedly not a flat note ..!

Its been a busy horsey week…

Rose and Mikie (right) off for an ‘acclimatisation’ run round at the Motukarara workouts for the first time in their shocked lives

The arrival of our newest ‘boarder’, a tiny filly out of ‘Kim’, a mare who once lived here and behind whom Jan won a race…
Elena out on holidays and Agnes about to start lessons..

And now, at last, seven or eight months later than originally intended – thanks to bugs and to snow – my beautiful French colt, Ténor des Baux, finally made it to the races. At Bihorel, just outside Rouen. It was a ‘country’ race for three year-old male beginners (only two horses of the ten had ever been to the races before) …

Alas, France isn’t up to New Zealand in letting you watch the races minutes after they are run, so I have to wait a bit for that, but I do know that, in spite of pulling behind what I guess was a ‘country’ pace … he came third! It must have been close, for he was originally called second, but I shall soon see.
He hasn’t started out with quite the splash which Rosy did (she won first try), but I suspect, deep down inside, he will go on to do more than she has. He is evidently a nice horse, and I can expect some happy times racing him.
So bravo Ténor .. ‘encore’!!!

Postscript: I've seen it. He led, trailed, and ran on OK. But he ran greenly, pulled .. and the winner won comfortably, with Tenor getting pipped half a length into his third place. Will do better!

5 Thunder Mountain M 3 2500 Ph. Gillot Ecurie AB Trot F. Blandin
4 Théo Le Beau H 3 2500 C. Deffaux P. Boursier X. Thevenet
2 Ténor des Baux M3 2500 M. Hue K.-F. Ganzl M. Hue
6 Tropic Somolli M3 2500 B. Marie G. Braquet F. Blandin
3 Théo des Vauchaux M3 2500 C. Thierry Ecurie Darche F. Blandin
9 Tienno Montaval H3 2500 R. Archenoul Mme B. Chaudemanche R. Archenoul
7 Ty Breizh H3 2500 P.-L. Rousseau P.-L. Rousseau P.-L. Rousseau
1 Tempo d'Ecajeul M3 2500 F. Blandin E. Grelier F. Blandin
8 Tyrol Maxentais H3 2500 A. Muidebled A. Muidebled A. Muidebled
10 Totem Indien H3 2500 T. DesmarresT. Desmarres Syl. Desmarres

1er Thunder Mountain Orlando Vici Foolish Princess Passionnant M. P. Eskenazi
2ème Théo Le Beau Diable Indien Léa des Bosquets Eclat de la Crau M. X. Thevenet
3ème Ténor des Baux Fier des Baux Mademoiselle Fleur Carpe Diem M. B. Hue et Mme F. Hue
Répartition des allocations 4.000 € - 2.000 € - 1.040 € - 480 € - 240 € - 160 € - 80 €

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