Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ladies aaaaaand Gentlemen ..!

The next five weeks’ worth of blog (which, obviously, won’t be uploaded until I hit Sefton at the end of June) will be all Tikeibank and then more Tikeibank and then Tikeibank yet again. And those five weeks’ worth of stories will, logically, week in and week out, feature some, or all, of the same cast of characters. So, in good old theatrical fashion, let me present you with the folks on the bill, the cast list, for what we may call … ta-da! .. THE TIKEIBANK FOLLIES

Well, not too many follies, I imagine.

First of all our leading man. Clearly, in earlier years, he was light comedy juvenile. You know, the Cary Grant sort. Although there is, in fact, a rumour going around that he played Romeo on more than one occasion. Now, in his getting on for grown-up years, he is theoretically into more serious roles, although the old habits die hard, and the comedy has a way of creeping into to all but the most dramatic of his performances…
Here he comes… our respected and beloved captain …. Peter!

It is kind of unusual in these 21st century days for a leading man to form a vibrant and virtual double act with the chief comedian of the show, but who are we to be boringly conventional? William Gaxton and Victor Moore did it back in the roaring twenties, so why can’t we in the zany zeroes…
So here he is, with a witticism or a raspberry, a master key or a bottle of what you fancy, always at the ready, the second half of the top-of-the-bill act, our star comic (and chief purser) … Steve!

Next, of course, comes our leading lady. Tall, blonde, gorgeous, straight out of Florida, USA .. and she travels, amongst an impressive array of useful items (from camomile to corkscrews) a rectal glove. So no messing about with this lady, or you could end up upturned and ….. For, when she ain’t being a star in this particular tale, the lovely Lyndall is an officially retired veterinary surgeon with a speciality in horses.
A big hand (no pun intended) for … Lyndall!

Mesdames, messieurs … every good show has, obligatorily, a fascinating French lady in its cast .. whether it be a French soubrette or a French Marquise. Remember Mireille Perrey? Remember Alice Delysia? Remember Leslie Caron? Well, we have our own .. our very own …
A little bit soubrette .. a little bit fille de bonne famille .. a little bit Marquise… and a whole heap Parisienne …
notre très bien aimée … Claudie!

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