Saturday, June 30, 2007

Follies Part 5

And an international double act! David from Yorkshire and Dolores from West Virginia. David is our ‘chief’, only occasionally to be lured by us (well, by Dolores really) from the depths of the engine room… but here he is! Here they are!

I am currently investigating the rest of the crew for hidden speciality talents…, and may or may not report back subsequently.


What? Who? Me? Good heavens, yes, of course, I’m in this show too. As what? Silly question. I’m the casting director, so I’ve saved not one but two roles for myself.
Number one, I shall be the singer. You know, the one that sings ‘Here they come, those beautiful girls’, when they do. Usually around meal times.
But, more importantly, I’ll be the hero’s .. or the heroine’s, or what-the-hell everybody’s ...‘ best friend’ chappie. The confidant, you know? Like Maurice Chevalier in Dede. The one who gets a good dose of the best numbers, a good few of the funny scenes, who gets the mickey took out of him on a regular basis and never gets the girl (or, since this is 2007, the boy) … but still gets the notices.


Watch this space!

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