Saturday, June 30, 2007

Follies Part 3

Next, we have our character players. All sorts.

First, there are the dashing, aristocratic ones who sweep in and tell the juvenile man that he cannot possibly marry the flowergirl (who is of course a billionairess in disguise, and he is only a penniless Duke) or the ones … well, you all know your Hollywood 1940s don’t you .. everything from Cuddles Szakall to Margaret Dumont to Eric Blore or Cathleen Nesbitt…
We are – and I say it from the bottom of my heart -- particularly lucky to have ..
Hugh and Biddy!

Secondly, there is the ‘Old Bill’ (and I don’t mean policeman) character. The pepper-of-the-earth chap who, from the depth of his pint (or, maybe, tot of rum), says all the wise things that too many folk don’t listen to. He usually gets the hit number of the show, somewhere along the line. Anyway, we are blessed with a superbly salty-and-peppery bloke for this important part
So, take a bow, my very favourite Graham!

And finally there is Philip. Philip appears only in act 3 and act 4 of our show. So I have him cast for ‘the mysterious stranger’. Since he makes that first appearance, when the story is indeed well under way, sporting a very evident black eye in one corner of his exceedingly characterful face .. haha! HAHA! So, will there be a mysterious surprise???

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