Saturday, June 30, 2007

Follies Part 4

No show can even be imagined without ‘les girls’ and we are particularly well equipped in the glamour stakes. Even the Bolshoi or Berkby Busley, I am sure, couldn’t come up with better team than our line up of Tikeibank stewardess sweethearts...
Allow me to introduce…
La blonde Svetlana!
La brune Natalja!
Et la jeune et belle Viktoriya!

Finding a first class premier danseur is always a very difficult job. It’s driven me mad many a time in my career as a caster in the West End. But how much more difficult when you’re casting from the complement of an ocean-going cargo ship! But – guess what -- we have one! An utterly genuine one. Would you believe it, our young Bosun, the Adonis of the Tikeibank, swapped his ballet shoes for a Bosun’s bandana some years back….
Le voila! Evgenyi!!!

We have speciality acts, too, you know.
How about a strong man? There’s no doubt about who has the title on this ship. It’s Igor, the second officer, the champion of the gymnasium. I won’t show you a photo of him from the neck down in case this blog gets x-rated, but here he is, the Magnificent (and tres gentil) Igor!

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RichardO said...

Dear Kurt

Re: Tikeibank Follies

I stumbled across your blog of the voyage from France to New Zealand in May/June 2007. It is a fascinating read as my son was one of the fab four cadets. Although he told us of some of the happenings, you have brought the whole voyage to life.
We are so grateful to you for blogging this and hope you have many more happy adventures on the ship.