Monday, February 18, 2019

Sportsmen of Vienna ... 1933

A fine bunch of lads. And they are all named on the back of this old photo from my father's papers. I'm curious as to which sport they were playing ... Fritz was a notable skier, gymnast, fencer (Vienna's schools champion) and athlete.  The picture is labelled SS 1933, and what looks like 6 Sem. Well, in 1933, dad would have been 22 ... so?

Well, here are Herren Egon Schmidt, Mehl (coach?), Fohr, Kremsmayer, Höfler, Spielvogel, Amsler, Kattner, Pavlik, Meinhardt, Gottfried, Schmidseder, Heinz Schmidt, Krenn, Kopp (coach, out of photo) // Jorror, Topolansky, Probsch, Birkmayer, Schilder // Streizowsky, Blauhut, Ganzl, Wolfgang, Rauscher, Czerny ..

I see some of the names surfacing in the Vienna press of the 30s, in football and athletics ...  but ...

Anybody recognise an ancestor ...?

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