Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Savoy Theatre, London, 1891

Another box...
A lovely thing..
The complete costume designs by the celebrated Percy Anderson for the Richard D'Oyly Carte production of The Nautch Girl, the show which replaced .. and in many opinions, including mine, outshone ... the latter day Gilbert and Sullivan works.
The eighty or so designs, some by the artist, some by the artisans, have the original fabric swatches still attached ,,
A real piece of musical theatre history
Sigh. It should, of course, be in a theatre museum. But it is here, in New Zealand, of all places. Silly.


tombint said...

Hi Kurt
You were researching the Stanislaus theatrical company back in 1999. Did you get very far?
I am currently trying to find out more information on Newman & Mortimer.
Tom Bint (UK)

tombint said...

Kurt - I should have given you my email address re Fanny Robina/Stanislaus research.
Tom Bint


Zara said...

Hello Kurt, these are fantastic images! I am currently writing my PhD thesis and a significant part of it revolves around an analysis of 'The Nautch Girl'. Do you remember where in New Zealand you found these images? By any chance, would you happen to have higher resolution versions of these images? And would you be so kind as to give me permission to include these images in my work? Of course, I would give you due credit in my thesis, and would ask the institute in New Zealand where you found these images whether I would be allowed to reproduce them in my thesis.


Zara, I bought these designs many years ago. The full set. I have copies of them on my computer. And of course you may use them. Get in touch at ganzl@xtra.co.nz. Where in Germany are you? I am in Berlin. Kurt