Saturday, June 4, 2011

A future star of page makes his stage debut ...

Well, I said I'd find a picture to jolly this page up, but I never thought this would surface ...

This is a photo of the cast of a little play called "Dream Angus", produced by Brian Douglas (Standard IV teacher) and directed by Brian Gallas (age 9) at Hataitai School, Wellington, New Zealand in 1955.
No prizes for guessing who appropriated the leading role. Teacher's pet, who nabbed himself the job -- already -- of casting director as well as stage director. I think I was supposed to be Bonnie Prince Charlie in my mother's pleated tartan skirt.
I wonder what became of Rina Brilleman, Judy Price, Katherine Steel and the romantic David Dunkley who, chuckle, always got good parts from this caster. I don't remember if he was any good, but he was -- American! Which was about as romantic and Martian as you got in 1955 Wellington.
Ah me, half a century ago and more..


Lucille Cash said...

Gosh what a blast from the past reading all the names of girls from Matai road, Hataitai, Wellington. In the 1950s.
Rina Brilleman, Judith Price, and I was Lucille Cutten of 31 matai Rd, I went to Kilbirnie school.

Lucille Cash said...
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