Friday, December 18, 2009

The little bit of Scotch in me..

This is a photo of Margaret McGregor Anderson born in Rattray, Scotland 28 May 1885; died Wellington, New Zealand, 21 September 1960. 'Maggie' was the daughter of Alexander Anderson, a mechanic in a flax mill, who himself had been born around 1855, in ... France, and his wife Annie née Morrison from Kirkmichael. I cannot discover any facts on the subject, but I imagine that the Anderson family were in France, like many Scots of the era, working in the textile and hemp industries. So, you see, I have a fair helping of Scots in me, and even a dash of pseudo-French, for Maggie Anderson (Mrs Edwin Welsh) was my grandma and, as a very little boy, I remember this photo hanging on the wall in my grandparent's living room in Miramar, Wellington.


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