Monday, May 28, 2018

Exposition Savant de Crablo Kickasso 29 Mai 2018

Last year, Paul Hankinson discovered a huge exhibition by that great, unsung exponent of Australian 'Ephemeral Art' -- Crablo Kickasso -- right here on my canvassy beach at Yamba. 

I have been down today to look at his latest exhibition (and have a paddle in the riptide). 

First I came upon his 'Feux d'artifice sur la plage' (Yamba, 29 May 2018)

and then what is surely his politico-topical masterpiece. Bent Brexit (29 May 2018).

Wow! He says it all in a bunch of excreta. The misshapen mainland of the United Kingdom, with its southern regions bloated and the north exiguous, the whole bent in half and about to break; Ireland to the left with just a little of its substance dribbling off the south coast; the Orkneys and the Shetlands, loosed from the North and heading for France or maybe a rendez-vous with the Faroes...

And has he taken to Nostradamus-like utterances? The British main rail line, going from ?Edinburgh to ?Norwich? The new capitals of Caledonia and Markleland? Oh, Crablo!

I tried to get the artist to answer some questions, and be photographed, but he scuttled shyly away under the surrounds of the sea pool. 'I'm ephemeral' he whispered as he went. And I'm sure I heard, from behind the rocks 'like nations, alliances and politicians'.

The tide is coming in. All that art, all that wisdom, will be swept away. I saw it. I will remember Crablo and his message. And tomorrow he will start all over again ...

Crablo, really? Does it have to be Norwich? Leicester maybe ...

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