Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Money!, or an inheritance from great-grandfather.

The latest treasure to come out the family papers has been ... money!

A 90 year-old envelope, with my great-grandfather Stojetz's name on the back, a whole lot of writing on the front, and inside ... banknotes, handfuls of banknotes!

Austrian, German, Polish, Hungarian ...

Then I saw the date. 1 January 1923. My banknotes might be pretty, they might be historically interesting, but financially alas I have not found the pot of gold.

Eduard's banknotes are from the post-war 'currency reform' period, and as he notes on the envelope 10,000 kroner became 1 Schilling. 'With one stroke the owner of thousands of kroner became poor'.

I wonder if that included him. But he still had his home at Schleifgasse 12 and the farm at Nüssberg ... so ... I think not.

So what do I do with these? I don't imagine they are rare. I suppose I put them back in the envelope. Family fortune of a kind.

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