Friday, January 26, 2018

A VOYAGE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. 1939. Another ocean, another ship, and war.

Vancouver. The take-off point for the Pacific Ocean. Here, Fritz seems to have had a little time to walk about and snap a street or two

More Chinatowns! Well, I guess they don't have them in Vienna ...

And then to sea, again, on the Union Steam Ship Company's Aorangi scheduled to sail for Australasia on 30 August. A shipping historian. tells us 'On the first southbound sailing of the year, the Aorangi departed Vancouver with a passenger list including 120 mostly German Jewish refugees headed for New Zealand & Australia'.

Farewell to the Americas .... in the fog!

And next stop, Honolulu ... 
The royal Palace still looks much the same, but there is no King any more ..

Our historian also reports 'On September 6th whilst heading south in the vicinity of Honolulu the Aorangi picked up radio transmissions from four German vessels sailing in the North Pacific. The Aorangi was operating under blackout conditions and steering a zigzag course'. 

Thence to Fidji I guess there wasn't much to photograph in Fidgi!

And, finally, on 18 September, the ship docked safely at Auckland.

Fritz had arrived in his new 'homeland'. And the war had begun.

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