Friday, November 3, 2017

Mack and Mabel

I lost this little picture years ago. Sad. And today it fell out of a plastic folder ... so before it gets lost again, I'm putting it on the blog ...

Mack and Mabel. The Reverend Mack Hoddinott and his wife. In the 1940s they were in Dunedin. Then Mack got the job of Chaplain to the prison on the headland in Wellington. They would come to us occasionally for Sunday lunch, and Mack used to have a post-prandial nap on Dad's study floor. That was the first time I ever heard a man snore. I have heard a few since.

We didn't have things like godfathers in our family, but when I quizzed my parents as to 'where was mine?', they said it was Mack.

I'm glad I found this photo after all these years. I must look some more.

Post scriptum: a little research shows that Mack was Ernest Sydney Hoddinott (born Hawera 11 March 1911; d Wellington 16 May1967) and Mabel was born Mabel Belton Moffatt in Longburn 6 June 1912 and died in Tauranga 13 August 1999. So Mack was just a few weeks older than my father.

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