Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gone with the little girl up the horse's arse

Next out of the pile. Costume design for India Wilkes in the Drury Lane production of the musical made from the famous novel and film, Gone with the Wind. An umpteenth example of a great story, play or piece of cinema trivialised as a musical.

This show was produced by my beloved Harold Fielding in 1972. Well, we all make mistakes. I didn't see it. I was not yet a member of the clan. But, of course, Ian was involved. He didn't talk about it much in after days. No one around the office did. Harold spluttered (as he was inclined to) when it was mentioned. I got the feeling it was deeply unloved by all. As was its apparently objectionable composer. Anyway, I didn't find anything much concerning it in my prowls through the firms' archives, except this design. I thought I had thrown it out. But the show lives on in anecdote thanks to Noel Coward's famous line to Ian on opening night concerning the child over-actress and the defecating horse... "If they'd shoved the little girl up the horse's arse, it would have solved both problems".

So, here is this trophy of a flop, for google to gobble up, and now can I chuck it?

Post scriptum. This design is the work of and signed by the late Patton Campbell, which I am told means that I should be careful where I chuck it.

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Allister Hardiman said...

I never knew it had been musicalized. What a shame. Still, its a nice costume illustration, a little underwhelming as a stage costume though, but collectible for many.