Friday, August 11, 2017

CRABLO KICKASSO, a retrospective

the fascinating (and sadly temporary) work of Crablo Kickasso

Having been coaxed shyly from amongst his twenty-four-hour artworks, Crablo was interviewed yesterday in his burrow in Yamba's Main Beach by investigative photo-reporter Paul Hankinson.

"Gull...p" - The simplicity of this work accentuates the horror. No crab can look at this depiction of a Seagull's footprint without shuddering in his shell.

"Australia & New Zealand" - People are baffled by this work. It certainly gives credibility to Crablo's story that he once got his pincer caught in a weather balloon.

"Crabstract I" - whilst some of his works depict objects or events there are many which he calls Crabstract: "I take twisted pleasure in sending mixed messages to my Crab friends and also rather enjoy overhearing humans discuss what they see in my work"

"Hook" or "Avoid at all costs"

"Crabstract II" - says Crablo, "this one was created with help from a friend. Can you guess who?"

"Crabstract III"

"fireworks over a desert island" - perhaps his most accessible and well-loved work. When asked "How can there be fireworks when there is nobody there to set them off and nobody there to appreciate them?" Crablo replied, "How do you know there were NOT fireworks when there was nobody there to say otherwise?" .. he went on to say that for him the work represents "the ironic joy of being alone. I envy the hermits".

"Propellor" - a horrifying depiction of his father's untimely death.

"M" - when asked what the M stands for Crablo simply winked and whispered "Maybe it's for Mystery"

"Crabstract IV"

"Crabstract V"

"Low Tide" - his largest work to date.

The artist at work.

Crablo, who uses shadow to great effect in his work, said "See how menacing I seem if I balance on my back feet?" then with a chuckle he dropped to the sand and muttered "I'm actually quite shy."

Crablo's humble home is almost enveloped by his work.

the artist poses humbly beside one of his larger works. "This'll all be gone once the tide comes in," he said, "but that's the joy of it... blank canvas tomorrow... start again"

Main Beach, Yamba. Crablo's favourite canvas.

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