Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh! ye of little equine faith ...!

So Mikey, the horse, went to Bank’s Peninsula today. Pretty place. Not a madly hot field, largely consisting, in fact, of horses he’d beaten in his last two starts, but the tipsters, as usual, reacted scornfully to him. Or maybe to us: our tiny stable. Fifteen C? Island Glow-Sally Holmes? Not one of them (actually, I suspect they are all the same person) picked him to come in the first four, in spite of his last run.

I rushed back from shopping for tomorrow’s birthday (mine) and an acupuncture session (Wendy’s, until we knew it was race day) … unloaded a bootful of booze and chicken … and then it was time for the tellyversion of Mikey’s race.

He looked right cool walking round at the start. He gets on so well with Chris (McDowell), our accidental driver. But he didn’t sprint out with too much glee, and didn’t make it to the front. He sat parked outside the leader (not good), until the wretched Willywinit (which buggered us up once before) zoomed past, and Mikey and Chris dropped into the one-one. Oh gosh! Behind an 80-1 shot … death, destruction, smother time! … but Willywinit managed to keep going long enough, and they weren’t coming from behind, so the way was clear for Mikey to swing out—three wide – as they came round the turn.

Run on, Mikey!  Run on! Come on, boy. And he heard me! He did. Of course, he didn’t go whoosh. He never does. But he insisted, and gradually he made it the lead, halfway down the straight. And then the swoopers started coming. The ones who had sat back, waiting for one fast (well. fastish) run.  But having got to the front, Mikey (and Chris) weren’t going to allow anyone past …

He won. Mikey won. Mikey who nobody thought would do ever better than 10th. He won. His form line reads 421 … and they still won’t like him.

Anyway. Glorious happiness at Gerolstein, rejoicing in Bratislava, Juneau Alaska, Wisconin, and in the four corners of Germany, where the Mikie fan-club lives. And several fingers to the tipster, whoever he may be. Even little folk can win a race. Even with a 6 year-old Island Glow gelding.

I’m too happy to waste time on the unbelievers. See my blog of a month ago. I’m waiting for Wendy, Yoshi and Mikey to come home. The chardonnay is on ice!

Yayy Mikey!

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