Monday, July 12, 2010

The Gallybagger Soufflé

Today, to my enormous surprise, I found myself accused on the Internet of, by my recent restaurant reviews, ‘making the Gallybagger soufflé world famous’.

I scratched my head, and then did what any man would do in such a circumstance: I Googled the phrase. Sure enough, up it came ... a meagre eight hits, and four of them were me! My various gluttonous rave notices (see below) of the soufflés made, with the Isle of Wight’s very own to-die-for cheese, and served on a bed of Waldorf salad, by Chef Alan Staley at Ventnor’s Royal Hotel.

Here was I thinking that I was partaking of what was surely a familiar Wightish food treat – like toheroas in New Zealand or caviar in St Petersburg – and I find that I am a veritable discoverer. A culinary Captain Cook! A torchbearer!

Well, light that torch. And I’ll say it one more time. If you are a first-class foodie, don’t dare die without experiencing this ..

You will, of course – as I explained when I visited the farm where Gallybagger cheese is made – have to come to the Isle of Wight for the experience. For Gallybagger is what would, I suppose, in this day and age be comically called a ‘boutique’ cheese. A Limited Edition. Not enough of it is produced to supply the rest of the world. But, happily, there is enough to supply the Royal Hotel..

whither, it just so happens, I am heading in two and a half hours, for a glass of chilled tio pepe in the Conservatory, a little gaspacho with Ventnor Bay crab and avocado, a nice (shared) bottle of Châteauneuf du Pape and, need I say it, my fix of the famous soufflé.

I shall take my camera, and illustrate subsequently …. ☺

PS I did

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