Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bloggers and Thesps

My Wightish social life has definitely taken a turn for the good just recently!

I’m just back from Sunday lunch, chez Debby, down at Ventnor. And I don’t mean a restaurant, I really mean ‘chez’ …

As an inveterate blogger, last year I checked out the well-known Ventnor Blog and I shared with the readers of its forum my delight and joy in this lovely place. So, when I got back this year, I naturally peeped in to the site once more, and put up a little post asking for suggestions as to what I might do and where I might go this time round. And that’s how I met Debby. Town Councillor Debby Robinson, that is, deputy-mayor of Ventnor.
And she invited me to lunch.

So here we are. Debby isn’t there, she’s in the kitchen doing something with a wild boar’s ribs. And David (that’s Councillor David George, Chair of the Ventnor Winter Gardens) is behind the camera… so we are left-to-right Simon and Sal Perry, the directors of the Ventnor Blog, Gänzl, K, Jill George, and Nano who may or may not have a surname and who was on a flying visit from London.
Since David, Jill and Nano are all, like myself, ex-theatricals, you can imagine the buzz.
A grand time was had by all, and Wight is feeling -- if possible -- even more ‘me’ than before …

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Jack Dowie said...

just to say that emails to you are being sent back as infringing some policy... what have you been doing??