Friday, January 23, 2009

My home


for the next two to three months...

My friend Florence snapped our dear old ship during our last trip, and had the good idea to use it as her Festive Season card!


Paul Evans-MUSIC said...

Hello, I am making a programme for BBC Radio about Auguste van Biene and The Broken Melody. Could I speak to you about this via email?
Many thanks,
Paul Evans

Lynette said...

Hi Kurt... remember Hataitai School ? We are having a reunion -31st October 2009. would love it if you could be there.. or contact us. Lynette Oliver . (now White)


Hi Paul

Certainly you can. As you'll see from the blog, I'm on the road (or more rightly on the sea) but I landed in Europe today and m back 'on line'

Hello Lynette
Not sure in which country I shall be in October!
But if I cant be there, folks can always find me via this blog