Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mademoiselle d'Arc


As we wandered, the other day, through the village of Javron-la-chapelle, we came upon a statute of Mlle Joan of Arc (by any other name). I’m not quite sure why said lady should be statuated here, but I’m afraid the monument sent me off into a fit of chortles. She looks as if she’s been modelled for by a wistful Gene Tierney, and moulded out of pale green plastic.

I was reminded, irresistibly, of the even more improbably sited Рbut, thankfully, less green -- statue of the same lady that I photographed thousands of sea miles away, outside the cathedral at Noum̩a, on my very first stop on this part of my voyage.

Anyone got any more improbable Joans? Bronze, stone, or green plastic?

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There are more pictures of Joan of Arc statues starting here: